R&D Engineer, Specialized in Semantic Web technologies...
And a Linked Data addict

About Me

I have a German-French PhD degree in semantic Web and Information retrieval. I also have dual background as both a researcher and a software architect.
I'm specialized in all that is related to information retrieval (search engines), Linked Data, Semantic Web, Knowledge Engineering, and more… I have expertise in Research & Development, Software Engineering and Research Projects Management.
Currently I’m CKO (chief knowledge officer) and CRO (Chief Research Officer) at Optimiz.me (France-Lyon) & Mazen (USA- NYC).

Mazen Alsarem at office

Me at office


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Chief knowledge officer and Chief Research Officer.
2016 – Present
Lyon, France (and NYC-USA)

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Research engineer

Académie des Sciences

ENCCRE project: Software and research engineer.
2015 – 2016
Paris, France

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Project’s holder

Startup Weekend Open Labs

ENsEN, the Enhanced Search Engine.
September 2015
Lyon, France

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IT teacher at the first cycle (1st, 2nd year)
2012 – 2016
Lyon, France

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My best skills to list
Preferred: API.AI, Node.Js, DBpedia, GKG, Webstorm, PM2, GCP.

Linked Data, Knowledge Graph, Graph Analysis, Graph DB , RDF, RDFA, RDFS, SPARQL, Jena, Virtuoso...

Search Engines, SEO, Human–computer information retrieval, Information management
Machine Learning, Algorithms, Text Analysis, Data Mining
Node.js, Java, Python, C, C++. Web Technologies (HTML, Jquery, Css, XML, XSLTY, Xpath), SQL, Neo4j, Oracle...
Node.Js Webstorm PM2 Simplenote GCP Slack


Lyon University INSA

PhD (Joint-Guardianship)
Information Technology
Lyon, France
INSA Lyon, and LIRIS Laboratory
PhD (Joint-Guardianship)
Information Technology
• 2013-2016
Lyon, France

Universität Passau

PhD (Joint-Guardianship)
Information Technology
Passau, Germany
PhD (Joint-Guardianship) in Information Technology.
• 2014-2016
Passau, Germany

Paul Sabatier University

Master’s degree (M2)
Information Technology
Toulouse, France
Master’s degree (M2) in Information Technology.
• 2011-2012
Toulouse, France

Damascus University, IT

Bachelor’s degree
Software engineering
Damascus, Syria
Bachelor’s degree in Software engineering.
• 2002-2007
Damascus, Syria


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